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Boston Activities | Things to do in Boston

Our Boston Activities Guide offers a great list of recommendations for some of the best Boston Activities and Things to do in Boston during your visit to Boston. 

What are the top 'Things to do in Boston?'  What are the best Boston Activities? These are popular questions when planning your visit to Boston. There are literally 1,000's of Things to do in Boston and you will never run out of options to fill an hour, a day or a weekend.

With so many Boston Activities to choose from, what would you like to do?  See our brief, but diverse list of Boston Activities below.

Check back often as we are always adding to and updating our Boston Activities Guide.

Should you have any questions about any of the Boston Activities or other Things to do in Boston listed in our Boston Visitors Guide, please feel free to contact our Concierge via Email, or call us at 617.654.1912.

Things to do in Boston | Walk the Freedom Trail

Walk the Freedom Trail

Walking the Freedom Trail is a hugely popular Thing to do in Boston. Both visitors and locals enjoy walking the 2.5 mile trail, which is marked by a red brick line, leading to 16 of the most important historical Boston Attractions. This Boston Activity...View details

Things to do in Boston | Tour Boston Movie Locations

Tour Boston Movie Locations

Boston is a favorite on-location spot for filmmakers, and scenes from dozens of popular movies have been shot here. While many people know about the historical sites in the city, fewer know about another type of Boston Attraction: the movie location! Exploring these recognizable...View details

What to do in Boston | Walk to the Sea Walking Tour

Walk to the Sea Walking Tour

The Walk to the Sea Walking Tour is one of the most popular Boston Activities that will give you the chance to see 400 years of history unfold during a 1-mile walk that ends at the sea. Start by downloading a map of the walk, and then you’re off to watch how...View details

What to do in Boston | Visit Top Boston Museums

Visit Top Boston Museums

Visitors to Boston Hotels fill find that there are many answers for those wondering What to do in Boston. One top choice is to visit one of the many fabulous Boston Museums. There are Museums that cater to history buffs, art lovers, science...View details

Boston Activities | Explore the Boston Sports Trail

Explore the Boston Sports Trail

Bostonians LOVE their sports, and guests at our Boston Hotel will find that there is no shortage of sports-related Boston Activities and Attractions nearby. One way to see many of the city’s sports spots is by exploring the Boston Sports Trail. This GPS tour...View details

What to do in Boston | Walk the Black Heritage Trail

Walk the Black Heritage Trail

Wondering What to do in Boston? Consider stepping back in time with a walk along the Black Heritage Trail. The Black Heritage Trail is a Boston Attraction that gives visitors the opportunity to visit more than a dozen pre-Civil...View details

Boston Things to Do | Watch Street Performers at Faneuil Hall

Enjoy the Street Performers at Faneuil Hall

Watching street performers at Faneuil Hall is a popular Boston Thing to Do. In many larger cities, street performers use their talents as a way to entertain the crowds while making money. Faneuil Hall has become known as one of the top destinations in the...View details

What to do in Boston | Attend the Boston Marathon

Watch the Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is the oldest marathon race in the country, and the well-known race is quite elite. Only runners with quite impressive qualifying times will be eligible to race, but thousands more head to the City to Watch the Boston Marathon. Since the 1897 race, which had...View details

Boston Activities | Play a Round of Golf at International Golf Club and Resort

Play a Round of Golf at International Golf Club and Resort

If you want to play a round of golf on a course designed by celebrated course designer Tom Fazio then there is only one place to go in all of New England: the International Golf Club and Resort in Bolton. Located just an hour from Boston Hotels like The...View details

Things to do in Boston | Spend Time with your Pooch

Spend Time with Your Pooch

Boston is a city that is becoming more and more pet friendly, and guests at our Boston Hotel will find many Boston Things to Do where their pet is welcomed. Pet-Friendly Boston Activities include dining out, romping on the beach, and touring the city....View details

Things to do in Boston | Indulge in the City’s Best Sweets

Indulge in the City’s Best Sweets

Who doesn’t love a good sweet now and then? A visit to Boston is a great time to indulge as there are dozens of amazing bakeries located near the top Boston Hotels, and visiting them is a popular Thing to do in Boston. While the North End seems to have more than...View details

Boston Activities | Explore Unusual Architecture

Explore Unusual Architecture

For students of architecture, Boston is like an all-you-can-eat buffet. From the Revolutionary War period buildings to the modern buildings that fill downtown, this city has something for fans of many architectural styles....View details

Boston Things to Do | Explore the USS Constitution

Explore the USS Constitution

One of the most popular Boston Things to Do is to explore the many historical Attractions in the city; or those floating off of the city’s shore. The USS Constitution is an amazing piece of floating history, and it is the oldest commissioned ship in the U.S....View details

What to do in Boston | Go Shopping!

Go Shopping!

Shopping in Boston is one of the most popular answers to What to do in Boston. Whether you want the bargains of an outlet mall, the prestige of high-end designer stores or the eclectic offerings of a small boutique, you will find it here...View details

Things to do in Boston | Boston Ballet | Boston Hotel

Attend the Boston Ballet

Boston is a wonderful place to visit for those who love the arts, and attending the Boston Ballet is a popular Thing to do in Boston. According to the Boston Ballet’s website, this ballet company has a mission of bringing ballet to a higher “...View details

Boston Things to Do | Dine at Boston Restaurants

Dine at Boston Restaurants

Dining out is a top Boston Thing to Do, and Boston Restaurants offer some of the best dining opportunities in the country. When you dine at Boston’s finest Restaurants you may be sitting in a spot where historic figures like Paul Revere once ate. Perhaps you...View details

Boston Activity | Explore Castle Island

Explore Castle Island

Castle Island is an often overlooked Boston Attraction, but it’s worth taking the time to explore. This spot has been home to a fort since 1634. While the original fort is long gone, the current building, Fort Independence, has a rich and...View details

Boston Activities | Ride the Swan Boats

Ride the Swan Boats

When guests at our Boston Hotel are wondering what to do in Boston, one popular answer is to stroll around the Boston Public Garden. The Garden was established in 1837, and it is a wonderful reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the City. One feature of the Boston Public Garden...View details

Boston Activity | Hear the Boston Symphony Orchestra

Hear the Boston Symphony Orchestra

Attending a performance by the Boston Symphony Orchestra, often called the Boston Pops, is a wonderful Boston Activity that is popular with both locals and visitors to Boston Hotels like The Boston Park Plaza Hotel. The ...View details

Boston Activities | Tour Little Brewster Island

Tour Little Brewster Island

There are many Boston Activities that allow you to explore the rich history of the City and the surrounding areas. One such Boston Thing to Do will take you just a bit off the shore to Brewster Island. Touring Brewster Island is a fun half-day Activity, and the...View details

Things to do in Boston | Indulge in a Food Tour

Indulge in a Food Tour

Boston Restaurants are known for being among the best in the country, and the number of choices for dining out in this historic City is seemingly endless. One way to enjoy a selection of the best food in Boston is by indulging in a Boston Food Tour. This is a fun Thing...View details

Activities in Boston | Enjoy a Boston Harbor Cruise

Enjoy a Boston Harbor Cruise

Sightseeing and learning about local history is a favorite Thing to do in Boston. Boston Harbor Cruises, a family-run business, offers the chance to enjoy those Activities in Boston from a different perspective. Since 1926, Boston Harbor Cruises...View details

Bike Around Boston | Boston Activities

Bike Around Boston

Guests at our Boston Hotel will find many options when it comes to exploring the city. For those who want a Boston Activity that provides a little exercise, Biking Around Boston is a great choice. Urban AdvenTours is one of the local businesses...View details

Things to do in Boston | Ride the Duck Boats

Ride the Duck Boats

The Duck Boats are a fun Thing to do in Boston that gives you a chance to see some of the most important sights in the city in a fun and unique way. The Duck Boats are WWII landing vehicles. After you tool around the city seeing sights such as...View details

Things to do in Boston | Harvard Walking Tour

Harvard Walking Tour

Have you ever dreamed of going to Harvard? A Harvard Walking Tour gives you a chance to do just that. While you won’t leave with a degree; you will leave with a better understanding of the rich history of the historic Harvard University....View details

Activities in Boston | See a Game at Fenway Park

See a Game at Fenway Park

Bostonians LOVE their baseball, and seeing a game at Fenway Park is a top Activity in Boston. You’ll sit side by side with vocal locals at Fenway Park, the oldest baseball stadium in the country....View details

Boston Things to Do | Movie Mile Walking Tour

Boston Movie Mile Walking Tour

Some guests at our Boston Hotel do not realize how many movies and TV shows are filmed in the City. The Boston Movie Mile Walking Tour is an Activity in Boston that gives participants a chance to see the locations where some iconic scenes were...View details

Things to do in Boston | Spend a Day at the Beach

Spend a Day at the Beach

Whether you choose to head to Cape Cod for a day of fun in the sun or visit one of city’s beaches, such as South Boston’s Carson Beach, spending a day at the beach is always a top choice for Things to do in Boston during the summer months....View details

Boston Things to Do | Attend Boston Open Studios

Talk to an Artist at Boston Open Studios

Love art? Would you enjoy the opportunity to buy directly from the artists? Boston Open Studios gives you a chance to do just that. This popular Thing to do in Boston takes place at various studios throughout the City, and is a can’t-miss Boston Activity...View details

What to do in Boston | Join a Ghost Tour

Join a Ghost Tour

Boston is one of the most haunted cities in America, and participating in a Ghost Tour is a popular answer to What to do in Boston. You don’t have to wait until Halloween to enjoy this fun Boston Activity. Ghost Tours are offered by several companies throughout...View details

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