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Historical Boston | Things to do in Boston

Our Boston Historical Guide provides you with a list of some of the most popular and most interesting Historical Boston destinations and related Things to do in Boston during your stay at our Boston Hotel.

Our Boston Historical Guide provides you with just a few of the recommended and interesting Historical areas of Boston - America's most historical city.  

Boston Park Plaza Hotel is located in the heart of Boston's back Bay and minutes from hundreds of exciting Things to do in Boston.

See our Boston Historical Guide below and begin planning a memorable trip to Historical Boston.

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Attraction in Boston | USS Constitution | Boston Hotel

USS Constitution

The USS Constitution was first launched in 1797. It has seen action in many wars, and today it sits in the Charlestown Navy Yard and serves as a reminder of the country’s long naval history. A stop on the Freedom Trail, this Attraction in Boston is popular with...View details

Boston Thing to Do | Boston Activities | Boston Hotel

Black Heritage Trail

The Black Heritage Trail is part of Boston’s Museum of African American History.  Guests at our Boston Hotel who participate in this Boston Thing to Do will have the chance to see 15 pre-Civil War buildings including private homes, meetinghouses and churches....View details

Attractions in Boston | Boston Common | Boston Hotels

Boston Common

The Boston Common is the oldest city park in the entire country and has been set aside for common use since 1634. It has been part of Boston’s history since the beginning – and even before....View details

Boston Attraction | Bunker Hill Monument | Boston Hotel

Bunker Hill Monument

On June 6, 1775 a battle took place on Breed’s Hill in Charlestown. It was early in the Revolutionary War, and the colonists were not yet considered a serious threat to the British military forces. What happened during this battle changed that way of thinking and, perhaps, changed the outcome of...View details

Boston Attraction | Cheers | Boston Hotel

Cheers Beacon Hill

This historical site is certainly less historical than others included in this section of our Visitor’s Guide, but it seemed it deserved a place because of its association with one of the most-loved sitcoms of the 1980’s and early 1990’s....View details

Attraction in Boston | Faneuil Hall | Boston Hotel

Faneuil Hall

If one would have visited Faneuil Hall in 1742, they would have seen bakers, fisherman, farmers and others selling their goods. Perhaps some of the local women would stop for a chat before they purchased the items they needed. Fast forward almost 275 years, and you will see much...View details

Boston Things to Do | Boston Attractions | Boston Hotel

Fenway Park

Fenway Park has been called a “shrine”, a “mecca” and is certainly one of the most well-known sporting venues in the country. A visit to this Boston Attraction, which was built in 1912, is a popular Boston Thing to Do. ...View details

Boston Attractions | Granary Burial Ground | Boston Hotels

Granary Burial Ground

Granary Burial Ground is one of many historical Boston Attractions that attract visitors who come to explore the history and the people who helped create and shape a nation. Opened in 1660, this is the third oldest burial ground in the city....View details

What to do in Boston | Attractions in Boston | Boston Hotels

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum

Kennedy was a popular president, and this is surely true in his home state. The impressive John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum is an Attraction in Boston that draws history lovers and those who simply want to learn more about this fascinating man...View details

Boston Attractions | Things to do in Boston | Boston Hotel

Nichols House Museum

From 1885 until 1960, what is now the Nichols House Museum was home to Rose Standish Nichols. The four-story townhouse is one of the earliest buildings in Boston’s Beacon Hill, and it has been open to the public since 1961. Add a visit to this interesting Boston...View details

Boston Attractions | Old North Church | Boston Accommodations

Old North Church

In 1775, Patriots stood watch in Charlestown. They were on the lookout for a signal about the movement of British troops. Then, out of the darkness, they saw lantern lights flickering. It was the message for which they’d been waiting. The British troops were on the move....View details

Things to do in Boston | Boston Attractions | Boston Hotels

Old South Meetinghouse

Built in 1729 as a Puritan Meetinghouse, the Old South Meetinghouse has witnessed some of the most important speeches and meetings in the founding of the nation. It was here that men gathered and rallied the crowd to join them as they protested against unfair taxation....View details

Boston Attractions | Things to do in Boston | Boston Hotels

Park Street Church

The Park Street Church was founded in 1809, and the first service was held in the beautiful building which, for a time, was the tallest in the United States. From the beginning, this church was more than just a place to worship; it was a place from which passionate people could...View details

Boston Attraction | Paul Revere House

Paul Revere House

Imagine being able to walk through the door of the home of one of the most well-known Bostonians in history. You can do just that when you visit this Boston Attraction. See the home of one of the Sons of Liberty, the man made famous for his midnight ride and for all of his other...View details

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