Providing environmentally sensitive solutions

Green Initiatives

As one of the most historic of Boston, Massachusetts hotels, Boston Park Plaza is committed to our community.

We’re proud of our legacy and contribution to the quality of life here in Boston. Best hotels should support initiatives that improve our environment and at Boston Park Plaza, we’re pleased to play a part.

The following are examples of some of our ongoing efforts:

Green Roof
A Green Roof was installed on our building to decrease heating and cooling costs and to help maximize energy efficiency.

Efficient Purchasing of Natural Resources
Our hotel utilizes a Bi-fuel Converter, allowing the most efficient natural resource to be purchased for hotel energy.

Recycling and Recyclable Products
Our hotel recycles cardboard, aluminum and office paper and purchases recycled and recyclable products whenever possible.

Hotel Linen and Towel Reuse
Guests have the option to reuse their linens and towels in order to conserve natural resources.

Public Transportation
The hotel is located one block from both Subway and Bus Transportation and is within walking distance of many restaurants, shopping destinations and attractions, eliminating the need to drive.

Guest Room and Meeting Room Energy Management System
Boston Park Plaza employs a state-of-the-art energy management system that detects when a guest room or public meeting room is vacant and turns off heating and air conditioning. The system also detects when an occupied room is vacant and adjusts the temperature.

Food and Beverage
We compost biodegradable organic food waste, recycle all kitchen oils, and use bulk dispensers and reusable containers for beverages, food and condiments. The hotel also uses reusable serving utensils, napkins and tablecloths when food and beverages are served.

Water Conservation
The laundry department employs a water-reuse system that allows water to be cleaned and used three times before being disposed.

Paper Conservation
In an effort to save paper, our hotel employs a paperless check-in/check-out policy. Additionally, guests have a choice to receive daily complimentary newspaper delivery if desired.

Employee Training
Employees are trained extensively on ways in which they can help with conservation.

Compact Fluorescent Lighting is used.