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Decorating Tips for the Holidays

The holidays inspire thoughts of lights and garland, bows and trim. We spoke with Kelly Pike, Design Executive of Boston CityScapes to get some professional tips on how to bring the season into your home or office.

ONE: Start with a theme

When considering holiday décor for your workplace, begin by knowing what you want to convey. “At CityScapes, we’re inspired by the client and play off their existing colors,” Kelly Pike says. Today’s trend is to move away from traditional Christmas red and green to be more inclusive, for the broadest appeal. “We’ll use rose gold, for example, or winter colors such as blues and whites,” she says. And if you have kids coming to your space, make it magical for them too.

TWO: Look for focal points

When decorating your office, first choose the public spaces that everyone can see and enjoy, so the décor has the greatest impact. Then consider extending your decorations to the areas where you entertain clients or vendors. “Choose elements that can make a space pop,” Kelly says, “but remember, sometimes less is more.” Kelly advises choosing focal points, rather than spreading a little bit of decoration throughout your workspace. That way, your design choices create a festive spirit.

holiday decorations at the park plaza lobby

THREE: Know your budget

If it’s the first year your office is spending money on decorations, begin by creating a budget. “If you’re working to a budget, go for the wow factor in one area,” Kelly advises. She recommends starting small, then adding elements year over year.

And remember, you don’t need to buy your office decorations. Companies such as CityScapes lease decorations. “That way it’s simpler and less expensive. We set up the decorations, take them down after the holidays and store them until the next year,” she says.

Professional tips for your home

Decorating doesn’t need to be expensive. “At home, I get berries or dogwood and make them the center of my decorating,” Kelly says. By bringing the outside into your decorations, your design reflects your special part of the world. “If you have pieces you’ve inherited from family members, don’t place them somewhere solely because that’s how your Grandmother always did it. Think about changing things up to make your own traditions,” she says. Look for treasures at local stores, and remember it’s the darkest time of the year, so focus on lighting in your home.

And just like at the office, think about having one focal point. It’s often the living room, as that’s where people put up the tree. However you can extend the décor to include, for example, some lanterns in the kitchen, if that’s where people congregate. “My one tip is to make the decorations fun. Do what feels right for you. It’s your home. You want to feel happy and festive when you’re there,” she says.

Visit Boston Park Plaza to take in our holiday décor

“At Boston Park Plaza we’ve created a magical space,” Kelly says. If you walk in the main doors, you’ll see two large nutcrackers. There’s also a large gingerbread house, a gorgeous tree and snowflakes suspended from the curtains, making a winter wonderland. One area that gets a lot of attention is the birch tree forest by the elevators. The decorations extend outside, with garland and lighting on the awnings, for everyone who passes to enjoy.

We pride ourselves on our reputation as the best hotel in Boston. Be sure to stop in to see our decorations, stay for a drink and be immersed in the beautiful décor that celebrates the season.

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