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Five tips for a new year filled with health and wellness

Each January brings hopes for a new year filled with health and happiness. And too often, those thoughts of a better self and health fade amid crowded gyms, demanding work, family commitments, or post-holiday exhaustion.

Terry training at Lynx Fitness

But it doesn’t have to be that way. We spoke with Terence Kozmor, Director of Fitness at Lynx Fitness at Boston Park Plaza. He shared five tips to make this year a foundation for wellness.

One: Make an appointment with yourself

“It’s important to find adequate time to commit to your goals,” he says. “Just like you make time for a meeting at work, make an appointment with yourself for your exercise. Put it in your calendar and consider it your ‘me’ time.” Terence stresses the need to be practical. Think about the time of day that works best for you. Are you a morning person? Can you take time at lunch for exercise? Or is after work the best for you? Schedule your time during the week when you’re most likely to work out and be sure to include days to stretch and rest. It’s all part of the plan for long-term success.

people exercising in gym facility in front of mirror

Two: Don’t do it alone

Seek out support. “Find an accountability buddy, someone who knows your goals,” Terence advises. It could be a friend or family member, a colleague at work, or a professional such as a trainer, health coach or nutritionist. Having someone who is aware of your goals makes you more likely to maintain your commitment. “I always tell people to refer out, meaning find someone in the community who can help them achieve their goals. Too often, our egos get in the way. We think we can do it on our own, but it takes help,” he says.

Three: Take it Slow

“Don’t start with lofty goals,” Terence says. “Set realistic goals. Take it slow, then assess and reassess.” Aim for a balanced program and begin with the time and effort that you know you can maintain. If you don’t achieve what you set out to do, simply re-evaluate your goals. After six weeks, get advice from a professional to help you reassess where you are and how you can adjust your workout to keep it fresh and challenging. Starting with too much too soon can lead to injury and burnout. Your plan is for the long term. Remember, you don’t need to accomplish it all this month.

FOUR: Adapt your plans to your current lifestyle

When you’re making your plans, consider where you are today. Your goals need to align with your lifestyle. Are you a new mom coming back to the gym after having a baby? Are you returning after an injury? Have you been away from exercise for a while? “We all have a more sedentary life than we should and we’re all getting older. What used to work in the past may not work today,” Terence says. He reminds us that wellness isn’t just about working out. “Incorporate mindfulness and nutrition into your plans as well. After all, the pursuit of health and wellness never really stops.”

FIVE: Reward yourself.

Acknowledge your efforts. If you’ve been working out for a month and have been consistent, treat yourself to a new pair of running shoes, workout gear, or something that demonstrates your success. Use what drives you.

Guests at Boston Park Plaza receive access to Lynx Fitness. With its 20,000 square feet of the latest equipment and workout spaces, studio classes as well as professionals like Terence, Boston Park Plaza is the ideal choice when considering a Boston hotel with fitness center.

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