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Latest Wedding Trends

Private First Dance by Erica Ferrone Photography

If you became engaged recently, congratulations. As you begin to consider options for your special day, you’ll notice there are so many choices as to where, when and how to plan your wedding.

Our property is known as one of the best Boston wedding venues and our team is dedicated to creating the day of your dreams. To help you in your planning, we spoke with Kelsey Wilkinson, Senior Wedding and Social Events Manager at Boston Park Plaza, to learn about her favorite trends.

One: A private viewing of the reception area

After all the careful planning, the special day can go by so quickly. Couples are now taking a moment to enter the reception area on their own. This helps to quiet any nerves they may have. It’s also time to connect, see the space that will host their celebration, and for some, gives an opportunity to share a dance and capture added photography.  

Two: Bridesmaids and groomsmen entering the reception together

Traditionally, the bridal party enters as couples. A more contemporary option that has become one of Kelsey’s favorite trends is having the bridesmaids and groomsmen all enter the reception as one group, rather than paired up. Together, they bring a great energy, inspiring guests to get on their feet and welcome the just-married couple. 

Three: An audio guest book

Rather than signing a guest book, a new trend is having guests leave a voicemail for the couple. Companies provide a specific phone and people can ‘call in’ to leave a message for the couple. The audio guest book captures the genuine excitement of the wedding, adds a personal touch, allows people to speak from the heart and is an audio memory of the special day, preserved forever.

Four: Pops of color

Champagne Tower by Tatiana Blanco Photography

Rather than a selection of white, ivory or beige, couples are opting for pops of color in their décor. It could be reflected in their centerpiece, the glassware or the printed menu. This trend allows for select moments of color to be captured, without overwhelming the space. 

Five: Lounge areas

Another trend Kelsey loves is a lounge area for guests – usually by the dance floor. Added lounge furniture creates a space for friends and family to be part of the fun, even if they aren’t tripping the light fantastic.  

Six: Mix and match bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaids usually wear the same style or color of dress. Lately, Kelsey has seen bridesmaids being offered their choice of dress style from a range of colors. This option provides the wedding party with a different look while allowing the bridesmaids to wear the dress of their choice.

Seven: Late night snacks

Kelsey works with couples to include a great late-night snack. This could be a selection at a table or passed among the guests in the last hour of the reception. It allows people to have one more bite and ensures no one goes home hungry – especially if they’ve spent a lot of time on the dancefloor. It’s an unexpected treat.

A specialty of Boston Park Plaza  

Kelsey says an option that’s unique in the city is our signature dual starter. Rather than having just a salad to start your meal, our catering team can include a dual starter — such as a salad plus a small soup or pasta. It’s served together on a board and is a great way to begin your dinner. It also accommodates different tastes. If the couple comes from two different cultures, this signature dual starter allows each culture to be reflected in a favorite food item, capturing the spirit of the celebration.

Kelsey grew up in Massachusetts and has been in the industry since 2017. She loves seeing couples starting their lives together at Boston Park Plaza. “I can see the excitement reflected in their eyes,” she says. “I’m always thrilled to be part of a couple’s special day.”


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