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Tips to start the year off right

men and women at gym doing squats

With each new year comes the hope that it will bring us the chance to pursue our passions, explore our interests and elevate our health and wellness. Fitness and nutrition commitments are top of mind for many as the year begins, so we spoke with Travis Robinson, Director of Fitness at Lynx Fitness, just off our property’s lobby, to gain his professional perspective on making sure this year is the one when the resolutions stick.

Start with a plan

Travis recommends building out a plan. “Start small,” he says, “then build from there. Consistency is key.” You don’t want to try to do too much too soon, as you will exhaust yourself and leave yourself open to injury. Travis says that just a few minutes a day can build change. “Everyone has 10 minutes in their day,” he says. “Ten minutes a day is better than zero,” and even 10 minutes a day can produce noticeable results. 

Include eating in your plan

Nutrition plays a key role in improving health and wellness. Often people focus on time at the gym as the sole commitment, but Travis says, “if you’re doing all this work at the gym, then eating poorly, you won’t see the results.” Pay attention to what’s going in your body, so the hard work pays off. 

Set realistic goals

Manage your expectations. “Starting out, it’s going to be hard,” Travis says. “Like anything, you’ll have good days and bad days. Win the day by simply showing up.” He reminds us that change takes time, and activities require consistency to become habits. 

Be sure to have fun

“Make sure you enjoy your workout,” Travis says. Exercise should be a source of stress relief and something you look forward to doing, otherwise, you are more likely to find reasons not to go to the gym. If you’re not enjoying it, reconsider your activities. Maybe there are some classes to try, or new cardio machines to use. Change things up and see what works for you.

There’s more to the gym than ever before

Lynx Fitness is the home to the only Topgolf Boston offers. If you’re a golfer, it’s a great place to work on an aspect or two of your game, such as your swing or your putting. Or you can play a famous course, virtually, such as Pebble Beach. By maintaining your golf game in the off-season, you’ll be ready to tee off in the spring. 

Lynx Fitness also offers a range of classes, from high intensity programs to yoga and barre. The latest in cardio machines are available, as well as free weights. If you’re looking for a Boston hotel with gym, guests of our property have full access to the 20,000 square foot Lynx Fitness facility.

Travis reminds us that as the new year begins, we should be reasonable with our expectation. “Progress isn’t linear,” he says. “Ups and downs are all part of the journey.” And if you feel your routine is getting stale, talk to a trainer. They can help you identify goals, opportunities to freshen up your workout and give you a new perspective. But above all, have fun. 


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